Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Big Question Brainstorming

Hello, future documentarians! As you start thinking about what question you might like to investigate throughout the course of the year, please post your brainstorming on this blog. If you know exactly what question you'd like to explore, you can just post that one question. If you're debating between several, post them all!

Please post by 10 pm Thursday if possible.


  1. 1) Hope
    2) Friendship (what it means to be a friend)
    3) Honesty
    4) Violence
    5) Loyalty
    6) Relationships (with people.. good/bad)
    7) Tragedy
    8) Family
    9) Courage
    10)Life (how you live yours/what's essential to your life)

  2. Every day disablilitys of average people?
    Emotional pains that leave us crippled?
    Best exsperance ever?
    What does it mean to be good?
    What does is life and how do we control it?

  3. Are we naturally evil/good?
    Does your upbringing shape your character?
    Should we follow the road or make our own?
    How much time do we really have?

  4. -How to preserver during hard times.
    -What is hope?
    -Do evil people have goodness inside them?
    -Is it possible to end violence around the world?
    - Who are we?

  5. -What is the World?
    -How do we effect our surroundings?
    -Is true happiness accepted in our society?
    -What is normal?
    -Why is being accepted so important?
    -Does our decisions effect the world in anyway?

  6. how do we measure courage?
    what makes a hero?
    what do you live for?
    what makes a full life?

  7. Are people born good/evil?
    what makes a hero?
    does fate/destiny exist?
    What is normal?

  8. What is fate?
    What is the truth?
    What is evil?
    What is death?
    What is a hero?
    Do we have a path or do we make our own?
    Will kevin get a gold tooth?

  9. what is unconditional love?
    what can you devote your whole life to?
    can we all lend a hand in this world?
    why is there evil in the world?
    is there redemption?
    what are we willing to do for love?
    what is our desire?
    what is happiness?

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  11. What is love?
    What is faith?
    ARe we born good/evil?

  12. How society affects our emotions?
    What is your purpose in life?
    How far can someone go to get something they want?
    What is the difference between good and evil?
    Are people the same or is everyone different?
    How do we determine our path in life?

  13. What makes someone a hero?
    How is courage measured?
    Which is worse, failing or never trying?
    What does it take to inspire others?
    What is faith?
    What makes us strong as individuals?

  14. Is it possible to be truly good/evil?
    Is technology a beneficial or a detrimental part of our society?

  15. What do we believe in?
    What makes us who we are?
    What makes us stand up to others?
    Are we born with certain traits?

  16. what is hope?
    what does it take to get a second chance?
    what makes a hero?
    what influences peoples actions?
    can we control our fate

  17. Why do we have emotions?
    Why are we here?
    What does it take to succeed?
    What does love drive us to do?
    How far will we go for love?

  18. What does it mean to follow your dreams?
    What is an adventure to the average high school student?
    Is it better to live happily or to be rich?
    Can an everyday person be a hero?

  19. What is courage?
    Does every person have a purpose?
    Why do we dream and does it have a purpose?

  20. Does true love exist?
    What are your dreams for the future/are they realistic/do you expect to achieve them?
    What is belief (in self/others)?
    Does destiny drive us or our own will?
    Does free will exist?

  21. What is Life? what does it mean to you?
    Hope how does it affect your daily life or your long term life.
    How does faith affect your life and help you get through the day? or overcome obstacles?

  22. should people get another chance?
    what is life?

  23. dreams vs. reality
    what is the key to overcoming an obstacle?

  24. My favorite 4
    What are strength, honor, and courage?
    Is it better to be a dreamer or realist?
    How do *you* overcome big obstacles?
    Why is trust important to people?

  25. How does society shape us as a person?
    What is considered beautiful? (in other countries as well)
    Why do people prefer to blend in rather than stand out?

  26. How does one succeed?
    What does it take to persevere in hard times?
    What makes someone a hero?

  27. Why does the human being have trouble letting go?
    What does persistence mean?
    What is dedication?

  28. What is respect?
    Are we forgetting common curtesy?
    How has the definition of modesty changed over time?